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Stay safe with a restraining order (209A)

Keeping yourself safe sometimes requires that you take extra measures to keep dangerous individuals away from you. Many people underestimate the power of a restraining order - getting a restraining order against someone can be the key to your personal safety.

Marc C. Vincelette has worked both with those requesting restraining orders and those who have had restraining orders filed against them. If someone has filed a restraining order against you, it is absolutely crucial that you have representation throughout the process to give you the best chance of successfully disputing the order.

Get protected when a restraining order is filed against you

The purpose of obtaining a restraining order is to protect a person in danger, so violating a restraining order often results in a jail sentence. Restraining orders aren't something you should take lightly - Attorney Vincelette fully understands how quickly a restraining order violation can turn into a serious situation. Contact us to discuss your restraining order case with us today.

Work with an attorney who knows what's at stake

We have the experience you need! Marc C. Vincelette has served in dozens of jury trials in courts throughout the county.

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